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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ for new parents to our Club – welcome!

Falls Creek Race Club is a volunteer-run, sporting club providing training for athletes across all age groups in Alpine Skiing, Mogul Skiing and Snowboarding disciplines.

  • Information and communication with Falls Creek Race Club can be done via https://www.fallscreekraceclub.com.au and our Facebook page – Falls Creek Race Club.

  • To participate in a program, participants must:

    1. Be a member of FCRC
      • This is done online via www.fallscreekraceclub.com.au.
      • The fee structure is based on number of members per family.
      • FIS athletes can join with a $70 adult membership
      • All child memberships must be accompanied by at least one $70 adult membership.
      • Membership requires a Work Levy per family of $300. This is refundable for duties performed as part of club activities.
    2. Submit Squad Forms to Falls Creek Ski Lifts
    3. Wear the FCRC uniform
      • The Falls Creek Race Club Jacket is compulsory for all athletes.
      • These can be purchased new via https://www.fallscreekraceclub.com.au/shop/ or at our Second Hand Sale on Queen’s Birthday weekend.
      • Alternatively our office will be open for purchases on Friday June 29 4pm until 6pm and prior to club start on Saturday June 30 from 8am in 2018.
    4. Ensure you & your family have Ambulance Victoria membership
      • It can be a very expensive trip to hospital if you’re not covered!
  • Falls Creek Race Club operates on income from memberships, sponsors and fundraising only, we do not receive any of the squad fees from Falls Creek Ski Lifts.

  • Calendars for training, racing and social events are available via www.fallscreekraceclub.com.au/calendar/. Facebook – Falls Creek Race Club (opens in new window) will be used for communication.

  • The first day for season 2018 is Saturday June 30 for an 8.30am start. We meet at Falls Creek Race Club in the Gateway complex. Please be early as new groups take some time to organise. Please have your child dressed and organised prior to 8.30am at Gateway.

    As far as preparing your children, please make sure your children have:

    1. Appropriate ski helmet correctly fitted, hard ear preferable.
    2. Correctly fitted boots, skis and poles for age and ability. Skis and boards to be well maintained with good edges. Boots should be the correct size, not a size too big. If in doubt see a reputable boot fitter.
    3. Warm gloves, face protection, thermals, sunscreen.
    4. Snack in pocket, not lollies or junk food.
    5. A phone (if your child has one).
    6. Falls Creek Race Club jacket.
  • Your child will be placed in their group, their coach will exchange phone numbers with you and inform you of the meeting place for lunch pick up. Children and coaches will depart and get out on the hill as soon as possible and get to know the kids.

    After children and coaches depart we ask parents to stay behind for a short Q & A with our Program Director about what to expect over the coming weeks and of course, they are there to answer any of your questions.


Please feel free to contact me with your FAQ at president@fcrc.com.au

Lachlan Bowes


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