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Falls Creek Alpine Academy

The Falls Creek Alpine Academy Program was initiated in 2003 by a small group of families who live in the resort during the winter snow season.

The major goal of the Falls Creek Alpine Academy Program is to provide a secondary schooling environment that allows students to continue with their academic studies while living on the mountain, training and competing in ski race meetings.

School work is set by the student’s home school, and completed under the guidance of FCAA tutors. Students regularly receive work updates from their home school teachers, usually by email.

In the past, students have received 4 hours of tutoring, 4 times a week from 1-5 pm to fit in with the student’s race training schedule. The teacher student ratio is around 1:8.


Student progress is assessed by home school teachers, tutors and students on an ongoing basis. Written progress reports are emailed to parents and home teachers at the end of July, August and at the end of the program.

The success of the program is a result of the independent learning focus of FCAA. Students are mentored in independent learning skills, planning, time management, communication and self responsibility to enable them to complete their studies. Students are often highly motivated to stay in the program and maintain a strong commitment to both their academic and ski racing progress.

Further Enquiries

Direct enquiries to Barb Plant, FCAA tutor at plant@sympac.com.au.

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