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It’s easy and rewarding to join the Falls Creek Race Club. Membership of the Falls Creek Race Club is a great way to join in and get involved in the local community.
Don’t forget Season Lift Passes for the next winter for are usually available at a significantly discounted price in October & November of the previous year. For example 2019 Season Passes were available for almost half price in October & November of 2018.

Aim of the Club

The aim of our club is to produce technically excellent skiers who enjoy themselves on the snow.

This leads to skiers who can ski enjoyably and well into their old age. They are given a grounding to assist them if in the future they wish to become ski patrollers, snowsports instructors or coaches. We hope members also become the best racer they can be at whatever age and level they aspire to. Parents should provide the opportunity and encouragement necessary whilst being careful not to push their kids past reasonable expectations as this only has a negative effect.

Parental Assistance

All parents are encouraged to assist at a certain number of races and social functions depending on which squad your child is in. To ensure that everyone shares these tasks we charge a work levy of $300 per family which is refunded when all tasks are completed. If a parent is unable or unwilling to participate they can send a member of the family, a staff member or a friend to do so. Alternatively they may choose to forfeit their levy and the money is used to employ someone else to assist in their place.

Visit the office to put yourself on the duty rosters early as first in gets first choice of jobs. We will make an effort to place you according to your choices wherever possible but do require some understanding and flexibility on your part. You will receive whatever training is required for race official jobs.

Please note that ambulance membership is compulsory this season.

Parents must agree to the programs chosen by their child’s coach. This includes dryland training, ski preparation, rules and tactical sessions as well as their on snow training. On-snow training includes directed free skiing and moguls as well as gate training in a ratio according to the child’s age, ability and standard. Our program recognizes that a skier can only ski gates well when he/she is technically efficient and that skiing fast is not the only criteria of a good racer.

Parents are expected to assist at races not only as rostered officials but as their child’s support. This includes preparing skis, carrying clothing to the finish area and encouragement (not instruction). In this role we ask that they follow the coach’s requests, especially at the start where they must stay outside the roped off area. For best concentration and result a racer needs to be listening to only one person at this time and that is the club coach who is working at the start. The other coaches work at various places on the course to provide the best information to the racer via radio to the start coach.

Self Sufficiency

Parents should ensure that their children are ready and on time for each training session and that they have all the necessary equipment including their lift pass. We encourage the value of teaching racers to be self sufficient rather than doing it for them such as making sure they can do up their own boots.


Racers must wear their uniform at every session. Please check that all equipment has the correct name on it. Please ask if any notes have been sent home with racers and check the club web site regularly so you can keep up with all information about races and social events – this is a major communication channel between the club, coaches and families. Please notify the coach or the office if your child will be absent or late to any sesions. The office answering machine is checked every training morning.

Club Facilities

The club cleaning and washing up arrangements are the onus of the user. Squad members will still be rostered on for cleaning however anyone who uses the kitchen is asked to wash up after themselves. There is a small dishwasher so please load your dishes in and turn it on when it is full. This will mean the rostered cleaners will have to unload the dishwasher, clean the benches and floors in the kitchen, take out the garbage, tidy and vacuum the foyer, tidy and sweep or vacuum the ski room and clean both toilets. It would be a great help if they were taught how to do these tasks at home. A parent will be rostered each training day to supervise cleaning.

Check your child is entered in the correct program for their year of birth. SSA and VSA races are run by year of birth whilst Interschool races are run by school year. Racer registration is required for SSA and VSA races but not for local or Interschool races, or Under 10’s or Development squad. All squad members must be in the Gateway facility in time to leave with their coach by 8.30am each training day unless told otherwise.

General Behaviour

In the interest of general safety the club has a no snowball throwing policy while in club uniform. All athletes must stand their ski and poles in the racks or against the wall and not leave them flat on the ground where they may be in the way of guests queuing for the Gully chair. There are consequences for these and any other inappropriate behaviours. Firstly they will receive a warning, next their lift pass will be taken for a half day, and next for a whole day. Hopefully no one will ever reach any further to need to apply more severe sanctions.

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