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In order to participate in the coaching programs run by Falls Creek Race Club you must be a member of the Falls Creek Race Club and have paid the $300.00 refundable work levy. While the fees and payment process for the club and the coaching programs are separate, athletes are not eligible for coaching unless they have paid their annual Club Membership.

There are two separate payments required:

  1. Falls Creek Ski Lifts (FCSL) – Squad Fees
  2. Race Club membership (incl Work Levy)

Squad Fees

Squad payments are paid to Falls Creek Ski Lifts to provide coaches, hill space, training materials and race operations.

See the Program Listings for more information.

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*Note the Early Bird pricing expiry date from FCSL.

Race Club Membership Prices

Annual membership fees are as follows

1st Family Member: $80
2nd Family Member $60
3rd and subsequent family members $45

Membership of child under the age of sixteen requires an accompanying parent membership.

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  • Work Levy

    A refundable work levy of $300 (per family) is payable for all participants. A family is defined as a maximum of six members.

    This work levy is to encourage everybody to assist at races and social events. The expectation is that each family assists in at least one race event and one social event, or at least two race events. When all prescribed duties are completed the work levy will be refunded in October at the end of the season. You can get family members, friends or your staff to take your place if you are unable to assist.

Under 16 and FIS Programs

Ski & Snowboard Australia

All competitors in these programs must be a member of SSA and have included the racer registration and development levy to be able to compete in any sanctioned SSA event

To join go to: www.skiandsnowboard.org.au and click on the membership link.

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