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(Last updated: May 2018)

FIS Alpine

Designed for FIS age athletes 16 years of age and older. Various time commitments are available. Physical fitness is a mandatory aspect of training! Read more


For the committed junior skier who wishes to further develop their alpine racing experience and intends to compete in the Children’s Race Series. Read more


For athletes wanting to develop snowboarding fundamentals and prepare for competitions such as Interschools and National events. Read more

Holiday Warriors

Designed to suit children looking for a challenge in their skiing or riding abilities and provides excellent preparation for Interschool competitions. Read more

Entry Level

Provides the foundation for the Children’s Race Team and is specially designed for younger age groups. A great progression from Snowclub. Read more

Equipment Guidelines

Holiday Warriors U8 + U10 FCRC Uniform Jacket Helmet All mountain skis NOT TWIN-TIPS (see Ski Guidelines) Correctly fitting ski boots (see Boot Fitting tips) Gloves/Goggles/Pants/Face Protection Ski Socks (correctly fitting in thin merino, not nylon or polypro) Sunscreen All apparel items should be of good quality and in good repair, comfortable children with gear […] Read more


Dryland/Fitness To make the most of your program please make sure your child is fit (age appropriate) for skiing when they arrive for the program. For assistance with Dryland training if you are Melbourne based you can seek out Winterfit on Facebook or Winterfit.com.au. In Sydney you can access Sami Kennedy-Sim at skiteamsami.com.   Fitness […] Read more

FCRC Code of Conduct

In 2016 we published a new Code of Conduct (CoC). It is available for viewing here. This is an extensive CoC and covers athletes, parents and Committee Members. It was developed from the SSA COC (http://www.skiandsnowboard.org.au/). FCRC also introduced an Athlete Induction in 2016, which is enhanced and improved each year. This is age specific […] Read more

SSA Skills Testing

Again in 2017, in conjunction with the five Race Clubs, SSA is implementing Skills Testing for all program participants. Previously this has been only available to National Children’s Squad members. Last season it was made available to all SSA members who participated in the National Children’s Series. The testing will be held during the Holiday […] Read more

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